Quality Life Experiences

Sub-Theme: Franklin will facilitate the development and maintenance of housing options that meet the needs of people desiring to live and work in our community.

Franklin citizens are proud of their community. They it to remain among the best places to live in the United States–a place envied for its engaging quality of life. People are invested in their neighborhoods as well as in the city. They willingly volunteer, participate, and support the many activities, recreational pursuits, and special events that bring them together as a community.

Franklin’s rapidly growing and increasingly diverse population, both in age and ethnicity, is both a strength as well as a challenge to the vision of our city. Our citizens understand the importance of ensuring that everyone who works within our community is able to live within our community.

A critical part of sustaining our unique sense of inclusiveness is ensuring that a range of housing options is available for varying income and demographic groups. As our boundaries expand, the efficient and effective varieties of land uses–residential, commercial, open space, and institutional–are critical components for sustaining our vibrant community. Our citizens are concerned that traffic congestion is increasing everywhere–on major streets and in neighborhoods. They would like a functional transportation system, more bicycle and pedestrian connections between residential neighborhoods and shopping districts or employment centers, and better transit options, not only within the city but connecting the greater metropolitan region.

There is one goal contained within this sub-theme:

Franklin will decrease the percentage of households who are cost burdened by their housing costs in Franklin

Goal: Franklin will seek to improve housing diversity as identified through the 2013 Housing Analysis.

In 2013, the City contracted with BBC Research & Consulting for a Housing Needs Assessment. This assessment was completed in May 2014. Staff and civic leaders have been evaluating the results of the study and discussing what the effective measures will be and the level of government involvement in achieving a greater diversity of affordable housing within the City of Franklin. 

Baseline: Complete Housing Analysis and establish goals based on data from the analysis.